About Us

Our staff provide a structured yet flexible program. It is our aim to create a comfortable atmosphere with enough structure to provide a feeling of security for each child. It is hoped that the environment will encourage the child to experience all we have offered including Day care center, Play school, Preschool, After school Activities and much more. As the child plays and experiments ,our aim is to instill a sense of curiosity and an urge to learn, this will take the child to the highest point of his/her capacity in the development areas. We feel the child should look forward to their time at the centre and we encourage and guide the child to help them learn and share their experiences with other children. Our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and loving environment for each child, in his/her own unique personality.

Go bananas aim at overall development of children. The childhood is a period were when a child has to have a lot of fun and expects answers for all WH questions. Here the child needs responsible and a fair answer. It is up to us to provide the same with the necessary environment using a play way method of learning. “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Golden words of Victor Hugo. Here comes the responsibility of a school to provide healthy environment with their own pace and level by including the habits of cleanliness and time management too. Different curriculum which emphasis on motor skill development, hand and eye coordination, recognition of alphabets and numbers , colouring, story telling listening skills are included.We also have nursery senior Kg and Lower Kg.